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What Your Lawn Says About You

Alright fellas, grab your mowers and put on your lawn care capes because we’re getting down and dirty. We’re about to embark on a journey through the untamed (or tamed) wilderness known as your front yard. You see, your lawn isn’t just a patch of green – it’s a reflection of you! They say you… Read more »

The Secret to a Happy Relationship

If you’re a lady and reading this, skip on over to another blog because this one here is for the fellas. Okay guys, now that we have you alone, we’re dropping some serious relationship knowledge and spill the beans on the secret to relationship happiness. Word on the street is that you need this. SPOILER… Read more »

Reasons to Play Hooky from Work

Another Monday again… UGH! What if we said that today doesn’t have to be like every other Monday? What if we said this Monday or any other day in your work week, will be the best day yet? Did we catch your attention? Let’s face it, a two-day weekend isn’t enough of a reset from… Read more »

Winter Bucket List

BRRR!❄️ We don’t know about you, but it’s pretty chilly in our neck of the woods, and as much as we would love to stay in and get cozy, there’s just too much to do! Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean the fun stops. Grab a friend or go solo; we have the perfect… Read more »

Start Your Day on the Right Side of the Bed

Mornings. They can either start off good or bad. What do you choose? Obviously, you want to wake up in a good mood, but are you making the intention to do so? Somedays we wake up refreshed, feeling good, and ready for the day. On other days we get the complete opposite. Groggy, irritated, and… Read more »

Get Cozy This Fall Season

If we could pick any season that gets us to wind down, pick up a glass of hot cider, throw on our favorite sweater, and sit by the fire, Fall takes the trophy. There’s just something about the crisp autumn air that puts us in the mood to bundle up and get cozy and without… Read more »

Classic Rock Playlist

If you’re a true rocker, then you know rock music started with the good ol’ rhythm and blues, and it wasn’t until the 50s when rock n’ roll started to turn into its true form. Since then, your favorite artists started their own little twist on the original sound creating a genre that we now… Read more »

Foods that Are Just Better with Bacon

We are crazy for bacon. It may not be the healthiest thing on our plate, but we will take the deliciousness over everything. Here are some foods that are just better with bacon. Bacon Wrapped Avocado Avocado has become crazy popular in the past few years. Some people are fond of it, some people are… Read more »

If You Want a Job Done Right, You Gotta Do it Yourself

If you want a job done right, you gotta do it yourself. We know, we know. You’re probably thinking, “Why can’t simple instruction be done the way I want it? Unfortunately, people are just not as smart, creative, and handy as you are. They don’t have the same skills as you, no matter if they… Read more »

Supporting Local Businesses is More Important Now Than Ever

Local businesses are the bread and butter for many in our country, but large companies continue to overpower the little guys and leave them with no source of income. This is where the community needs to step in. A lot of consumers love to spend their money where it’s convenient and can get the best… Read more »